About us

Our buildings are located in the city of Pag on the island Pag. The buildings are new and modernly furnished. Apartments 1 - 6 are located in a brand new building, this is their first rental season.

The advantage of the island of Pag is that it is connected to the mainland by the bridge of Pag. It can also be reached by a ferry between Prizna - Žigljen.

The city of Pag is a cultural center built by a sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac in the 15th century. Cultural and historical buildings like the Cathedral Church, the Church of St. Margarite, old tower, Prince's Palace and many others hystorical sights are easy to reach by foot. The town is known for its famous Pag lace and excelent Pag cheese.

The town of Pag is located in a 20 km long bay, surrounded by many different small beaches (sandy, stone). Most of the beaches can be reached by car.

The house is 300 meters from the city center and 300 meters from the town beach Prosika.

For rent we offer a fully equipped apartments with a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace overlooking the sea and the city.

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